About me

Sebastian Witte, born in 1975

Abitur (entrance qualification for higher education) in Braunschweig (1997)

Translation studies at Cologne University of Applied Sciences (1997–2002)

Main languages of English and Spanish, mother tongue German, and third foreign language Portuguese

Specialist areas: business and technical translations (English) and legal and technical translations (Spanish). The final exams comprised translations into and from the respective foreign language.

Semester abroad at the University of Barcelona (Universidad Autónoma, Bellaterra, 1999/2000)

Degree title: Dipl.-Übersetzer Engl./Span. (FH) – Graduate Translator (approx. equivalent to an MA)

Final grade: 1.7/B+ according to the North American grading system

After completing my studies, I moved to Bielefeld and started working for a well-known medium-sized company in the metal construction industry. I was responsible for translating Articles of Association from English into German.

Since then, I have obtained comprehensive experience in translation and proofreading in all of my specialist areas (please refer to the services section).

Continuous training by participating in member seminars of the BDÜ (Bundesverband der Dolmetscher und Übersetzer, German Translators' and Interpreters’ Association) as well as by reading specialist literature.

When you commission a translation from me, you can be assured that it will be:

  • technically correct

  • carefully executed

  • stylistically appropriate

  • delivered on time

  • a perfect match with the original layout

  • consistent in its terminology (i.e. every technical term with the same meaning in its context will be translated with the same term)

Sebastian Witte, 2009